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Sh*t Hot In 6 Weeks

The Original Female Only Transformation Program


For over 8 years, the Sh*t Hot In 6 Weeks program paved the way for female fat loss, performance enhancement and all round results. While everyone was focussing on 12 weeks challenges and not realising that the same program get's old after 90 days, Coach Connolly and his team devised a program and nutrition educational portal that educated women on the value of strength training and eating really good foods respectively . From there, 100's of Aussie women have experienced fat loss results that could only be described as life changing. More energy, more focus, clearer skin and increased strength levels that they'd been searching everywhere for. 

And now for 2018, we're bring it back for a limited time and for a small group of driven and focussed women. To learn more, simply click the I WANT MORE button below.




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