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GLobal Baller

Developing Strong Basketballers All Over The Globe

Skill and pure talent are essential in the game of basketball. But they're only going to get you so far. Talent will only get the door open for you...but it won't hold it open for long. 

Over the last 10 years of working with elite basketball stars all the way across to the junior and amateur realm, developing strength, speed, agility and quickness have been and the corner stone of seeing these young men and women develop. Our Atlas Performance team have put a number of programs, systems and resources together to help level up your athletic attributes but will also help develop your strength and conditioning. 

The programs have been compiled into stages and order of difficulty. We recommend that you select a program based on your experience in the weights room and in the world of high performance. If you're unsure, select a more basic program and it will help you develop and fast track to a position you'll be more comfortable with. 




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This guy knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been to a lot of colleges and teams before but Coach Connolly knows his Sh*t
Training with Sean was the best thing I’ve done in my career. I lost over 18kg of body fat and played the best basketball of my career