Foundational Phase 1.2

Foundational Phase 1.2


Now that we're rolling, it's time to turn the heat up with this next program. Foundational Phase 1.2 takes where the last one left off and increases the intensity of the whole program and increases the complexity as well. Develop a strong body and a more powerful frame.

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The most important part of any programIs to make sure the build on the program you just completed. We're really excited to share with you another program that builds on the Foundational Phase 1.1. Those programmes is done for the first time will elicit a very positive result, So it's important that the next program you complete builds on the work that you did previously. The Foundational Phase 1.2 does just that! It does so by focusing on increasing intensity and as well as the complexity of the work that you just done. 

Time to build up that strength. You got work to do pal!