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Atlas Performance
The Standard At Which High Performance Is Measured

The new standard in... 

Exercise Science And High Performance.

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Jeremy Andrews - National Australian Long Jumper

One of the best decisions I've ever made in my athletic career


Over the last 10 years, Atlas Performance has grown into becoming the go-to for athletes and coaches all over the world seeking a better and smarter way of developing their performance. Focussing on strength, conditioning, functional nutrition and our SPARQ method, Atlas Performance has gone on to create professional athletes as well as aid them in reaching highs as great as the Commonwealth Games. 


Learn from some of the leaders in exercise science and human movement for amateur and elite athletes. If you're a coach or PT, you're not going to want to miss out on learning how to train your clients better and smarter. 



You're an athlete? You're ready to roll? Well then here's your chance to get access to your next program and peroidised training and development phase.


Private Coaching

All private coaching with Atlas Performance coaches is via application only. Click below to apply

A Way Of Training & Development Like No Other.
— Coach Connolly
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